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Annual Subscription (Collar + App)

Annual Subscription (Collar + App)

Localización GPS sin límite de distancia. Registro de Actividad y Rutas. Informes de Salud Menusal.

Guía de tallas

Talla Dimensión Razas

Cuello: 26 - 34cm

Pecho: 40 - 54cm

Bichon maltés, Yorkshire, Caniche toy, Pincher, schnauzer mini, etc
S 28 - 35 cm Bodeguero Ratonero, Bretón, Cairn Terrier, Caniche Estándar, Dachshund, Fox Terrier, Galgo, Jack Rusell, Lhasa Apso, Mini Aussie, Pekinés, Pomsky, Podenco, Pug, Salsicha Standard, Schnauzer Estándar, Shih Tzu, Terrier Escocés, etc.
M 35 - 48 cm Beagle, Border Collie, Boston Terrier, Boxer,Bulldog Francés, Corgie, Boston Terrier, Bull Terrier Corgi, Pastor Australiano, Bulldog Inglés, Collie, Coker Spaniel, Dalmata, Galgo Italiano, Pointer, Pit Bull, Shar Pei, Bassed Hound, etc.
L 45 - 65 cm American Standfford, American Bully, Braco de Weimar, Boyero de Berna, Chow Chow, Doberman, Pastor Alemán, Golden Retriever, Mastín, Labrador, Perro de Agua Español, Husky Siberiano, Samoyedo, Schnauzer Gigante, Pekinés, etc.
XL 58 - 85 cm Gran Danés, Dogo Argentino, Gran Pirineo, Mastín Napolitano, Terranova, Rottweiler, San Bernardo, etc.

IMPORTANTE: Ten en cuenta que la longitud del cuello de un perro depende de varios factores, como su tamaño, estructura corporal y genética. Cada uno de nuestros perritos es único, por eso es importante tomar la medida del cuello para saber que talla de collar Kolyy se ajusta 100% a las necesidades de tu fiel amigo.

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This is a very special gift for...

Personalize the packaging of the necklace so that it becomes a very special gift for your furry friend.

Inside the box you will find:

Kolyy necklace

Kolyy nameplate

necklace charger

User and start manual

personalized card

And much much love...

  • Wonderful

    Anthony Lopez

    The truth is wonderful to see these necklaces found since the peace of mind they give when one of your little ones gets lost and to be able to find it quickly and the service by the brand is 10 since any doubt or problem they take responsibility and they call you to clarify all your doubts or problems it has a wide variety of functions activity the gps control of your dog walks is wonderful I really recommend it 100%.

  • Very precise, routine control

    Maria. okay

    Super accurate GPS, with no distance limit. It gives a lot of peace of mind to be able to locate it instantly. I control your daily routines. durable. the flashlight is great to locate it at certain times. the quality of the GPS and collar is excellent. the fee is super well priced taking into account that they do veterinary follow-up to improve their routines and health OKER AND I ARE VERY HAPPY it is better than what we thought

  • We are very happy with the…


    We are very happy with the necklace, in fact we would not know how to be without it. My dogs are not escapists but they are very active and I love to control the exercise they do. The flashlight is super useful at night because they are black, in general I give them a 10. Surely as soon as they put all the routes we will give them the license plate. We also love the plate that the necklaces now come with, they are super useful without forgetting the best thing, the support, any questions are always there.

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Un collar pensado para nuestros perros. Resitente al agua, al polvo, la arena y mordeduras

What's included in your plan

Your Kolyy Necklace

Access to the Kolyy App and all its features

GPS location 24/7 without distance limit

Activity and Behavior Log

Monthly Checkup and Personalized Recommendations by our veterinary specialists.

Collar replacement in case of malfunction

National Coverage and all EU Countries.

The smart collar that our dogs need

  • "The Lifesaving Collar for Dogs"

  • "Kolyy seeks to reverse the Dog Care and Safety model"

  • "A Smart Collar for Dogs"

Frequent questions

Does GPS tracking have a distance limit between me and my dog?

No, there is no distance limit. You can be 1000 km away and locate your dog.
Oh, if you go on vacation or live in an EU country, the GPS also works.

How does GPS work?

Easy, the collar and the Kolyy App communicate via mobile data. When you give the order to the App to search for your dog, your phone sends a signal via mobile data to the collar so that it activates the GPS.

Once the collar activates the GPS, it receives the coordinates of the exact position of your dog and then the collar sends the position to your phone via mobile data so that you can see it on the map.

Why is there a Plan?

For the mobile data that the necklace needs to communicate with your mobile phone. This data has a cost that we pass on to the client in the form of a subscription and part of it we assume.

It also includes a monthly check-up made by our veterinary specialists using the information that the collar collects (Optional).

Monthly plan €11.90/month. Without permanence.
Annual plan €119/year. Without permanence.

¿Cómo elijo mi suscripción?

En el momento que recibas el collar en casa y decidas activar tu collar podrás elegir la suscripción que mejor se adapte a tus necesidades desde la App Kolyy.

Una vez hayas elegido y pagado la suscripción tendrás automáticamente acceso a la App y a toda las funciones de localización GPS, actividad, rutas, salud, etc.

¿Puedo tener el collar solo para un periodo de tiempo?

Sí, en estos casos recomendamos que elijasla suscripción mensual y cuando ya no lo necesites puedes dar de baja el collar y devolverlo. Silo vuelves a necesitar, lo puedes volver a pedir y te entregamos un collar nuevo.

What payment options are available?

With credit / debit card with the 100% secure platform of Shopify payments. You can also pay through the Paypal platform or you can defer the payment in 3 monthly payments with the Klarna platform.

Is there any additional cost to add to the price of the necklace?

No, transportation and taxes are included in the price.